Features a good school management system should have


A school management system helps in the digital transformation of a school through the different modules available in the software. With the help of the right vendor, your school also can get the benefits of digital transformation if implemented properly and with proper guidance. Almost all of the school management software comes with hundreds of functionality and it can be overwhelming for the users in a school to start using all the features of school management system and making the school software fully functional. So in most of the schools, a phase by phase approach is recommended instead of going for a big-bang approach. The features of school management system includes the following:

  1. Technology can be sometimes intimidating to both teachers and students, but JAcademy is designed for ease and comfort, and the user will be able to navigate through the system easily without confusion or difficulty
  2. Unlimited Users
  3. Multiple Languages- For a long time, many tech applications, and systems have been predominantly in English, but we understand that some schools in different regions may have their own preference of language interface for the system that they use for managing day to day activities. jAcademy is available in multiple languages.
  4. Easy Customization- Myriad number of schools can have very different requirements. Our system is easy to customize and can cater to all kinds of schools and for any curriculum.
  5. It has multiple portals. 
  6. Responsive and a smooth layout. 
  7. 24/7 help and support.

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