Online classes and examinations during the pandemic

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Few months ago, we would have never imagined that our lives would change drastically. As Covid-19 was being declared a worldwide pandemic, people were confined to their homes. But despite the lack of physical movement, work has been carried out from home, and children are now schooled online. If the pandemic would have occurred before the IT revolution, online classes and examinations would have been something out of fiction. Yet here we are, being able to carry out official tasks, and graduate classes from within the space of our home.

With all the online resources available for students today, Juran Consultants has strived to make online learning more efficient and effective. Our comprehensive School Management System JAcademyhas paid attention to every detail and requirement that an online school would need. When JAcademy incepted, it has been tailored to make the administrative, management, financial, and educational tasks of the school easier for both faculty, administrators, students and parents. But as the pandemic came into place, we have very effectively revised our system to cater to the needs of this moment, adding features that would make online classes and examinations as smooth as traditional schooling.

Our web-based system covers right from the front office to examination and results.

  1. Front Office – This includes calls & follow-up, enquiry, complaints, and visitors book.
  2. Admission and Registration – This includes registration, admission, and transfer of students and assigning class and roll number
  3. Online Examination – This includes scheduling of both entrance and routine examination, creating tests and test papers with different question pattern and evaluation. With the third party video conferencing tool, you would also be equipped to supervise the exams. This online examination is also set with timing ensuring that the students will not be allowed to answer beyond the scheduled time period. All these will ensure an efficient and effective way of conducting exams. We have modules for both entrance and normal examinations at schools.
  4. Academic– This module helps maintain classes, groups and subjects. It also includes grade and mark assessment, scheduling of examinations, assignments ( teachers will be able to provide assignments to an individual student or a group), class notes sharing and clarification and evaluation of skills and activities. We believe that it is important amidst the pandemic that online schooling, students’ extra-curricular activities are also given due credit (it maybe baking, painting, dancing, singing, poetry, sports- extracurricular that can be done at home too), and encourage them to work on their skills beyond academics.
  5. Timetable– scheduling week days, and timing for each class, avoids conflict between class timings while assigning teachers, helping define extra classes, lunch breaks, maximum number of lectures for one day, one week or number of lectures for a class.
  6. Attendance– Attendance records can be checked easily whenever required, notification to parents via sms, email or push notification, reports related to attendance can be generated with a single click, data visualization of each report.
  7. Staff Management– staff registration with details qualification and experience. Assigning multiple subjects to the teaching staff. 
  8. Transportation– Keep track of vehicles, helpers, drivers and mechanics information. Assign helpers and drivers to vehicles, route details such as arrival, departure for each vehicle. Conduct vehicle health check whenever needed, and maintaining fuel and meter report for each vehicle.
  9. Library Management– This records all library details in terms of issuance and returning. Keeping a track on the number of books, genres, authors and titles.
  10. Discussion Board– Our discussion board helps you have chats among teachers, students, parents, and the principal on both individual and group basis.
  11. Finance and Stock Management– With this you can maintain account details & balance, keep track of fee collection, check clearance, pending fees and so on. Keep track of income and expenses by school, manage stock, school materials, suppliers and purchase information.
  12. Reports and Notifications- Data visualization of reports through diagrams and graphs for better understanding; student comparison and performance report; a wide range of reports right from admissions to fees.

jAcademcy during the age of a social and cultural shift

Online Schooling – As explained in the beginning, the pandemic has forced us to use online mediums to communicate, work and study. But even after the pandemic, if there ever is an unprecedented crisis much to our dismay, online schools will come in handy. It is better to be always prepared. JAcademy’s features are tailored to perfection for both traditional schooling and online schooling.

Environment and Climate Change– A digital school management system can cut down paper consumption by more than 80 percent. Admissions, reports, results, communication, and relevant information all being recorded on jAcademy can drastically reduce the usage of paper making the school socially and environmentally responsible; declining the demand of papers will reduce the cutting down of trees, and wastage caused by paper. This will also make the school cost-effective as lesser money will be spent on printing, ink and papers. School management system will also help in diminishing the repetition of tasks. With the click of a mouse, lot can be done, and it can also help the schools with lesser staff to carry out tasks efficiently. jacademy provides well planned online classes and examinations during the pandemic.

Other reasons for why you should choose jAcademy

  1. Technology can be sometimes intimidating to both teachers and students, but JAcademy is designed for ease and comfort, and the user will be able to navigate through the system easily without confusion or difficulty
  2. Unlimited Users
  3. Multiple Languages- For a long time, many tech applications, and systems have been predominantly in English, but we understand that some schools in different regions may have their own preference of language interface for the system that they use for managing day to day activities. jAcademy is available in multiple languages.
  4. Easy Customization- Myriad number of schools can have very different requirements. Our system is easy to customize and can cater to all kinds of schools and for any curriculum.
  5. It has multiple portals. 
  6. Responsive and a smooth layout. 
  7. 24/7 help and support.
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