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When the pandemic hit, and online learning became the norm, there were a lot of adjustments to deal with. Students  are now schooled online. If the pandemic would have occurred before the IT revolution, online classes and examinations would have been something out of fiction. Yet here we are, being able to carry out official tasks, and graduate classes from within the space of our home. Assignments had to be submitted through email, and these also meant online exams had to be conducted online- now that’s the tricky part. How do you conduct a fair and secure examination online? Wouldn’t children cheat; they could just open another site to check on answers, or have their books opened- who would know? In countries like Canada and India, some of their public exams were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But cancelling out exams also comes with major repercussion. Students of all time and ages never considered exam with much high regard, in fact most students would jump at the opportunity to dodge an exam if they could. But in spite of this, exams are a great way to measure how much a student has grasped, and how they can improve. It also is an effective, if not always fair, method to screen candidates.
Therefore exams should be conducted with the utmost supervision, and efficiency, and that is why an ERP solution that allows the effective time bound management of exams is crucial. jAcademy’s exam module helps create, and schedule a test. It helps in ensuring if the student attends the test, and apart from these, we have a multiple questioning exam system that already has the answers fed to it, and this will help in the evaluation of each student’s test.
Test, even when conducted physically are not foolproof to mistakes and cheating, and online tests aren’t very different either. It definitely needs a bit of getting used to, but that’s the case with any new environment- a little practice can make things much easier and comfortable. For more details visit;