Importance of clinic and medical history in school management system

school clinic

Almost every school requests the medical history of a child upon admission- this would mean thousands of medical data which is crucial must be safe guarded. Considering the world around us is still coping with the pandemic, or for some the aftermath of it, our physical and mental well-being are not only important for us but also for the ones around us.
Our school management system’s clinical module helps you store all of this data, and you can access any of it in a click. The module is of two parts- one which comprises the history of treatment, and the other one that enables the school clinic to enter new medical data of a student. Importance of clinic and medical history in school management system ensures the student safety. For instance, if a student is feeling unwell, they will for sure be taken to the infirmary. Upon reaching the infirmary, the medical staff will be able to access his medical history just by entering their name and admission number into the module. This data will help staff easily understand his condition. And whatever medical complaint they may have had will be added into the system including what was advised or provided to the student for the situation mentioned. This data can then be shared with the parent through the ERP system, and can also be used for granting them leave incase that is required.
We believe that this module is integral to great function of an institution not only because we have been living through a pandemic but also because we want to help schools ensure their students’ physical, mental, and emotional needs are well taken care of.

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