Weekly Planner- Effective time management for teachers

Planning makes everything better. It puts everything in place, and perspective. Organization of any nature will have their plan in place, not because they feel like they want it but because it is crucial and fundamental for the functioning of the organization. And for some organizations, planning is much more necessary and recurring than in others. Schools are one of them that need constant planning for an efficient and effective functioning.
Well for one thing, timetables need proper planning, but what also require that are the classes and lessons you’d be taking. Without proper planning of classes, everything could be all over the place, confusing for both the students and the teachers. Therefore, every week the teacher will have to plan ahead on what they are going to be teaching, what projects are they going to be assigning their students, and what are the activities they have in place for each class.
This weekly planning will make education much more systematic, and fun. jAcademy’s weekly planner, helps teachers record and maintain all that they are going to be carrying out throughout the week within the application. This will make it much easier to track, and work on, and avoid ambiguity.

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