Web based school management system

jAcademy is a comprehensive web based School Management System or School ERP software that helps the schools in areas that need to be handled with a great deal of expertise. The school management system moves the day to day activities of teaching and non–teaching staff, students and parents online, along with easing administrative operations and enhancing student-teacher-parent interaction. School management system includes school administration management system, school transportation management system, school finance and stock management system, school library management system, clinical management system, and timetable management system.

Core modules of jAcademy

Front office

This module helps maintain records for all incoming and outgoing calls with their details and all follow up details for each call.

This module helps  maintain enquiry details like its purpose, follow-ups and so on; all the records will be maintained by front office executive.

This module helps register and record complaints, details issued by students, teachers or parents, whether complaint has been resolved, how complaint has been resolved and so on.

This module in our school management system helps maintain data of visitors at school

school admission management system
school admission management system


Admission process starts with registration. This module handles the registration process of students for every academic year. Previous education details, info of parents and siblings,  and other details related to students are recorded.

Maintains the admission process of students for every academic year. Admission process includes test, interview, document submission and so on. This also includes data of students application forms. Maintains a unique id for all students.

Helps in class division allotment for each student.

 Maintains students’ roll numbers. Roll numbers can be easily auto generated with prefix for each student from this module.

This module in our School Management System does the transfer process. It records all information related to transfer.

Online examination

 Our school management software helps in scheduling online exam and notifying the parents.

Helps in creating new tests for different grades and adding questions

 Helps students to attend test at the scheduled time.

Helps teachers evaluate test papers and update the test result

School online examination system
online examination system in dubai


The ERP Software helps in creating and maintaining classes, divisions, groups and subjects.

The ERP Software  helps students to enroll in courses or subjects under elective groups.

  • Managing elective groups with courses or subjects
  • Enrolling student to the elective subjects

The ERP Software  helps in creating custom grades and exam setup. Grades, marks, Terms, assessments can be defined in here.

The ERP Software  helps in scheduling each exams class wise and defining marks.

The ERP Software  helps the teacher to provide assignment for students individually or group.

The ERP Software  helps in evaluating Student behaviour easily and accurately. 


Timetable creation is one of the most complicated and time consuming task for every institution.  Timetable School management system is the best school time table software which includes the following  features:

Timetable management system
online examination system in dubai


Attendance module is used to take Staff and Student attendance easily and the reason of the absence can be captured. Our customized school management system contains the following features:

Staff management

Staff Management is used to track staff registration, assigning subjects, classes and so on. We Offer customized staff management system software to update the current activities. Staff management system includes the following features:

school management system in india
School ERP system


Our web based School Management System contains best school transportation management system, which can offer the following facilities:

Clinic management

Clinic management system records all medical history of students that helps school to maintain a safe and healthy environment .We Offer:

School Clinic Management System
School Library Management

Library management

Library management system  maintains all records related to library including book details, issued books, returns and so on .We Offer:

Discussion board

Discussion Board in our web based School Management System software  include

Student Teacher Chat
Fee management system in dubai

Finance & stock management

School Finance and Stock management system are two related modules in our school management software, which can offer the following:

Reports & notifications

Reports can be generated for each module from predefined template as well as Report generator can be used to create custom report according to your need. User has the privilege to define scheduling of notification in our custom based School Management System.

school management system in UAE

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