How can we Prepare for a New School Year

back to school

Summer’s almost over, and to be back in school has kids all around excited. From back to school shopping to being excited about meeting your friends and being in a new grade are some of the best aspects about going back to school after a long summer. But preparing to get to school again is not just a huge event for the students, but it is so for the parents, teachers, and the administrative staff of a school.

When going back to school, it is important that we are very well aware of everything that is happening around us. For about one and a half years, the repercussions of Covid-19 had most of us stay back home. And online study or work became the norm. But although technology has helped us mitigate the challenges in continuing with our everyday work or study routine, being outside and interact with our friends is crucial to our well-being and development. So getting back to school this academic year must be much more of an impactful feeling than you might have had ever before.

Now that many of us are vaccinated, it is still very important to practice safe hygiene practices upon physically returning to school. This would include staying away if you are feeling a little under the weather. Wear face masks whenever required, sanitize your hands frequently, maintain safe distances, wash your hands whenever possible, and so on. Even parents should be extra cautious to stay safe and ensure that their kids are safe.

Discussions about hygiene, and good environmental practices can be a great way to get students and teachers to share ideas, and also spread knowledge about the burning topics of today. Being extra empathetic to one another is also crucial, especially during this time, as there may be a friend or a teacher who might have endured a tough period due to covid.

And although keeping all these in mind, and being safe, it is as important to have fun.

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